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Opening up my Etsy shop was both exciting and nerve racking.  I was so optimistic, but mixed emotions wrestled inside of me.  I had not had my first sale, but I could already envision the sales count climbing; yet the pessimist in me saw a complete bust.I dove in head first, but quickly realize I was in over my head.  Marketing my shop made me feel like I had to be an advertising expert, professional photographer, graphics designer, customer mediator and social media guru.If you are reading this you may have already realized that being creative or having a good eye for amazing vintage products is not enough to be successful and build a cliental on Etsy.  Truth be told selling online can be quite overwhelming.  So how do you face the daunting task of taking amazing photos, getting a large amount of followers on social media and what the heck is SEO???My first bit of advice; don’t get hung up in being perfect and most importantly, do not get discouraged.  Here are some simple yet effective ideas and tips to help improve your Etsy sales.NetworkFor starters, join a few Etsy teams where you can promote others and they promote you.  You may be a member of a few teams; good for you, but joining is not enough.  Do your homework.  Pick 2 or 3 good teams; and by good I mean active.  Just because a team has 500 or more members does not…

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