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I had never heard of Etsy until one day I coincidentally came across it through Pinterest.  I found it to be a really cool site with unique and amazing items.  Only a few short months after finding Etsy I decided to use it to sell my Cake Toppers.  I knew so little about how Etsy worked.  Although I had joined teams I wasn’t familiar with the acronyms, how to participate, how often to post new items or how else to help promote my shop.  When joining teams I had to read and agree to team rules, much of which included terminally I was not familiar with or understood how it related to my Etsy shop.  For one team I had to agree to not create new threads… threads? What is a thread?  Once part of the team, games would ask me to post a search link.  What is a search link?  How do I get that?  Fortunately I figured it out but I wish I had known or had some guidance.  It’s for this reason I’ve come up with some helpful tips and definitions to aid you in your new venture. Definitions / Acronyms                Threads – Team Discussions/Games.  Usually generated by the Team Captain or Team Leaders.                 Fave – To Favor, Favorite, Heart, Like an item or shop                Heart – To Favor, Favorite, Fave, Like an item or shop                Unheart – To click on the Like/Heart until the red heart is white again with the intention of clicking it again…

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