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I FINALLY DID IT!! I’ve launched my very own blog!  After months of debating if I should or should not start my own blog, I decided to stop wasting time and just do it.

I wish I could tell you that I sat down one day and wrote down all the pros and cons, evaluated the cost benefit and networked with an awesome team that has my back…. but that is not the case.  I’m here solo, learning as I go and ready to share the experience with you.

Launching my own blog has been on my mind for a while, but I’ve been avoiding it.  I felt that starting a blog would only take away time and focus from my shop; however almost every article I read with advice on how to increase sales and have Etsy success highly recommends having you own blog.  So how else to see if all the advice is true but to take the plunge and begin to blog.

Welcome to all of you joining me and Thank You!  For those of you who are not familiar with who I am or what I do; from 8-5 I am an Engineer for the Quality Department of a global medical company.  I’ve been with the company for over 10 years.  Although I have a degree in Accounting, I love learning and growing.  Through the years I managed to work my way from Accounting to R&D and finally Quality.  Since June 2015 I juggle my time between mom, wife, engineer and shop owner/cake topper designer… and now blogger.

As much as I want my blog to be about my product, I feel as passionate about its power to do much more.  In addition to sharing my cake toppers with you there are three more things my blog will focus on.


DIY Cake Decorating will be on the top of that list; however more than cakes and parties, I plan to share with you some shortcuts, handy fixes and other things.  I have so many DIY projects to share with you…. Cake Stands, Center Pieces, Decorating Ideas, How to’s, etc.

So get your crafting hats on and let’s DIY it together.

Keeping it Real

For months I’ve been reading other people’s blogs; “How I earned 28K in just one month by blogging”, “How to blog for a living”, “How I had 1000 sales in just 3 months on Etsy”.  I have bought the eBooks, joined the Etsy Teams, read enough blogs and Etsy advice to last me a lifetime yet here I am with 500 sales in 18 months.  Where is my overnight success?  Where are my 1000 sales? Ugh!!

Instead of feeling frustrated and unaccomplished I have decided to share my trials, errors and not so great experiences with you.  Not to make this a pity session but to share with you my lessons learned and help you avoid some of my pitfalls.

I don’t claim to know it all, but I can share with you both my successes and my failures.


Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful.  500 sales in 18 months is not bad at all.  So far I am only on Etsy.  I don’t sell on Ebay, I don’t have a brick and mortar or popup shop and my only marketing source is social media (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter).  I may not have hit 1000 sales in 3 months, but I also know how much time and effort it has taken to get to 500 sales in a year and a half.



It is through Etsy that I have made some great connections both customers as well as suppliers.  My logo was designed by a fellow Etsian and I purchase many of my supplies from other Etsy Shops.  It is through these networks that I have found some of the most talented people around the globe.  I’ve been able to cut some of my costs and still get quality work.  It is for this reason that I want to share with my readers not just my product, but the products of my etsy peers.


Thank you all for joining me on my next journey.  I hope you find it entertaining as well as educational.

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